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industrial niches

From light and long-lasting materials to perfectly drafted beverages, Aalberts is where technology matters and real progress can be made. Aalberts plays a crucial role in industrial niches where longevity matters. That’s why we are in it for the long haul.

Aalberts surface technologies improves material characteristics for regional and global industrial key accounts. We are specialised in surface treatments, heat treatments, brazing, additive manufacturing and post processing.

Our footprint and strong entrepreneurial culture enables us do business with customers who expect the same technology, process quality and service in different locations of the world. We own every moment when things stop working or when things need to work according to a plan, even when that plan is not fully written.

strategy in action
unlocking mission-critical technologies to investors

Last week, investors experienced an exclusive look behind the scenes at cutting-edge Aalberts locations in the Frankfurt area.

stronger metals, lighter product

Aalberts surface technologies is an expert in austempering, an often-overlooked alternative to conventional heat treatment that offers many key benefits for treated metals, including increased strength, greater resistance to fatigue, and reduced distortion and cracking.

ultimate stainless steel treatment

Aalberts surface technologies has developed a highly advanced process to harden the surface of (austenitic) stainless steel while maintaining corrosion resistance, which is being used by a growing number of customers in various industries to improve their operations and reduce costs.

propelling green shipping forward

Earlier this year VAF Instruments launched its Shaft Power Limitation (ShaPoLi) system, a pioneering technology that enables ship operators to comply with updated International Maritime Organization (IMO) measures aimed at reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from international shipping. The system is the first on the market that offers a type-approved solution, having being certified by the American Bureau of Shipping, Lloyd's Register, Bureau Veritas Group and DNV.

specialist products for renewable fuel plant

Aalberts integrated piping systems and BROEN sourced and delivered specialty ball valves for the world's largest renewable fuel plant, helping the operation on the United States’ west coast meet its time-critical targets.

attracting talent
MIFA is dealing with the growing shortage of workers across the Netherlands, by hiring technical students to work weekend shifts at its manufacturing plant. As well as being a powerful way to attract young talent to the company, it also enables the company to run its operations 24/7.
development programmes to work on leadership abilities
acquisition ISEL Germany AG
rising high within Aalberts
Traineeships within Aalberts are invaluable ways for young talent to learn the ins and outs of the company. For Feyza Aydin, who joined the 2018 trainee programme, it has already helped her on the road to becoming one of the youngest plant managers within Aalberts.
future-proof bar solutions
Aalberts dispense technologies is driving sustainable and connected technologies that enhance clients' businesses as they shape the future of the bar experience. The company recently updated customers on a number of trailblazing developments during an online global roundtable event.
satisfying the demand for HIP solutions
Aalberts surface technologies’ recent introduction of a second hot isostatic pressing (HIP) unit at their state-of-the art facility in South Carolina, USA, will enable them to further expand their service offering and seize new market opportunities, as the demand for HIP solutions from customers across a range of industries continues to grow.
mission-critical components for Sydney Metro
Great engineering support and key technical advantages are just some of the reasons that Aalberts integrated piping systems was selected to deliver mission-critical technologies for Sydney Metro's new underground rail line, a major construction project.
acquisition Premier Thermal Solutions in America
Aalberts N.V. has reached a definitive agreement to acquire 100% of the shares of Premier Thermal Solutions LLC (PT), based in Lansing (Michigan, USA).
artificial intelligence

Aalberts surface technologies has invested in its first artificial intelligence project, improving pricing precision.

divestment Lasco and Adex
stronger as one brand
Aalberts surface technologies is rebranding its sites around the world to the Aalberts look and feel to provide customers with an even stronger and more unified front
specialised piping solutions, delivered globally
our grooved technology, which joins pipes together, means customers don't need to worry about using welds, or a press or a push.
surface coatings, by surface specialists
Aalberts surface technologies provides customers with polymer coatings focused primarily on preventing corrosion or creating non-stick and sliding properties, and also develop innovative solutions for unique problems.
continuity in a fast-changing market
One of our jobs is to help our customers by providing heat treatment that continuously pushes the requirements of individual components.
HIP and brazing, ultimate products

Aalberts surface technologies provides key customers, at both regional and global levels, with improved material characteristics for products across a wide range of industries. One of the innovative treatment solutions we offer is hot isostatic pressing (HIP), a process that enables us to provide customers with flexibility when designing and shaping components. This is especially valuable in the aerospace and automotive sectors, where custom-designed products are frequently required.

surface treatment, from A-Z
At Aalberts surface technologies, we supply customers with an A-Z of treatments, from anodizing to zinc-flake coating, with a growing focus on green surface technologies. And we are able to do this for customers wherever and whenever needed.
hand sanitisers for anywhere, anytime
With demand for reliable, professionally-made hand sanitisers growing sharply since the COVID-19 outbreak, two companies from Aalberts dispense technologies united to take on this challenge by sharing their expertise from the drink dispensers market. Thinking good is never good enough, they developed much-needed dependable and sustainable products.
process improvement of six million parts
Thinking outside the box and going the extra mile are just two of the characteristics that define RMF, part of Aalberts surface technologies. These two characteristics were on display when the company came up with ingenious ways to reduce costs for powder coating brake calipers and brake fluid systems, as well as helping them to expand their production processes.
design-and-plan software systems
Adex, part of Aalberts surface technologies and Aalberts hydronic flow control are using two distinct software systems to help their customers design and plan products or systems, enabling them to achieve more sustainable outcomes by saving energy and cutting costs.
brazing expertise for fuel cell
Aalberts is currently involved in an innovative and sustainable initiative which generates electricity through a highly efficient fuel cell, providing vacuum brazing for the heat exchanger and gas-supply pipes of this highly efficient product called BlueGEN.
surface technologies for strategic industries
Across Aalberts, we are always launching new technologies to help customers advance their business. It is this focus on creating mission-critical solutions that helps highlight our unique strengths. RMF, part of Aalberts surface technologies in Greenville, South Carolina, has developed a SIDASA robotic treatment technology for post-plating and baking applications of trivalent passivates, with options for topcoats, sealers or waxes over zinc and zinc nickel electroplating.
entrepreneurial spirit during COVID-19
At Aalberts we embrace ongoing uncertainty and disruption as an opportunity to differentiate and to show our unique strengths. We continue to support our customers and develop cutting-edge solutions. It's this entrepreneurial and can-do spirit that will help us emerge stronger from the current crisis.
surface treatment for medical equipment
Engineering mission-critical technologies for our customers is what we do, and we are especially proud to be able to help the healthcare sector at such an important time.
oxygen regulators supply for COVID-19
The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is impacting us all in unprecedented ways, with governments and businesses working together to support national and international healthcare efforts.
HIP machine number two
Turning new technology into an asset is something we do well, and our introduction to the field of hot isostatic pressing (HIP) is no exception, when we began using our first-ever HIP machine in Europe earlier this year. As customer demand grows, Aalberts heat treatment is making machine number two.
labeling, a not so sticky process
Labels. On bottles, cans, and jars. Walk into a supermarket and you will see thousands of them. But chances are you've never thought about how they got there. Well we have. And Aalberts surface technologies is helping one of its key customers, Krones AG, make labelling an even more efficient process.
attracting young talent
Our focus at Aalberts is on solving customers' challenges. Achieving this takes people who are inquisitive and determined in their pursuit of excellence.
acquisition Applied Process in America
innovative surface technologies solutions
Companies and manufacturers want their production processes to run smoothly. It's that simple. And that's what Aalberts surface treatment helps their customers achieve, no matter which industry they are in, by providing innovative solutions to complex problems.
progress with additive manufacturing
At Aalberts, we like to celebrate innovation and embrace new technology which is why we are proud of our additive manufacturing business, as part of our mission-critical offering.
recognition top aerospace companies
Quality and delivery standards that are classed by customers as 'excellent' is the ambition of many.
leadership insights for overseas students
For most finance and business undergraduates, classroom lectures and theory are the norm. But for a group of around 30 keen students from Brigham Young University in the United States, the classroom was recently replaced with a visit to MIFA, part of Aalberts specialised manufacturing, world-leader in aluminum precision extrusion.
wind turbine industry innovations
Wind turbines. They are big, imposing and from a distance they look indestructible, with rotor blade diameters of up to 130 meters.
fluid control for global beverage companies
For multinational beverage companies we engineered bar guns to offer flexible soda dispensing systems in bars and restaurants of large food chains, hotels and casinos.
large order for dispense systems
acquisition Stork TPP in the Netherlands
acquisition AHC Group in Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy
acquisition PBC Dopheide GmbH in Germany
acquisition Raufoss Water & Gas in Norway
acquisition Accurate Brazing in America
acquisition C&G Industrie in France
acquisition Hidroaplicaciones in Spain
acquisition Kall Schanktechnik in Germany
acquisition Pemag in Spain
acquisition Cotterlaz Components in France
acquisition Integrated Dynamics Engineering in Germany and America
acquisition Zawgaz in Poland
acquisition LASCO Fittings in America
acquisition GSA / GARNIER group in France
acquisition Conbraco Industries in America
acquisition Lamers High Tech Systems in the Netherlands
acquisition DEC in France
acquisition BSM Valves in the Netherlands
acquisition Ushers in America
acquisition Schroeder Industries in America
acquisition Vin Service in Italy
acquisition Shurjoint in America, China and Taiwan
acquisition PEM in France
acquisition Roy Metal Finishing Company in America