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progress with additive manufacturing


  • additive manufacturing, a groundbreaking approach which involves building parts up in 3D, is added to our mission-critical offering
  • as well as creating lighter, stronger parts, additive manufacturing also enables to innovate and develop new concepts for customers
Celebrate innovation and embrace technology. At Aalberts, we like to do both which is why we are proud of our additive manufacturing business, as part of our mission-critical offering.

additive manufacturing at Aalberts
Additive manufacturing involves building parts up in 3D, which is a groundbreaking approach to industrial production. It differs from traditional subtractive manufacturing, where objects are manufactured by removing material. Our focus is on turnkey components of additive manufactured parts, where our core competence is in the field of surface treatment, heat treatment and hot isostatic pressing (HIP). This post processing is vital, as parts that come out of 3D printers are essentially unfinished. Initially, we concentrate on metal additive manufacturing, which involves melting powder with a laser, and when one layer is melted adding a second layer and repeating the process until the final part is produced.

creating real benefits
First, additive manufacturing is seen as a disruptive technology and there are not many experts in the market that have a clear understanding of the entire additive manufacturing value chain. As well as creating lighter, stronger parts, additive manufacturing will also enable us to innovate and develop new concepts for customers. And because we operate to the highest quality standards, customers are keen to work with us.

Second, our open and pragmatic culture helps us develop fresh thinking and embrace new technologies. It keeps us ahead of the game, no matter how frequently or significantly the game is disrupted. Additive manufacturing is a great example and we believe this technology will create substantial progress in the years to come.

Finally, as well as providing our customers with value-added services, we can use additive manufacturing within our own processes. This could provide the company with real benefits in terms of prototyping and time to market of products. 
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