acquisition Integrated Dynamics Engineering in Germany and America


  • acquisition Integrated Dynamics Engineering, Germany and USA
  • 160 employees, annual revenue approximately EUR 32 million
  • environmental disturbance control systems for semicon and lithograpgy
Aalberts acquires leading supplier to the semiconductor industry

Aalberts Industries N.V., which operates in the fields of Industrial Services and Flow Control, acquired an 80% shareholding in Integrated Dynamics Engineering GmbH and 100% of Integrated Dynamics Engineering Inc., hereinafter called IDE. The remaining shares are held by the founder and CEO of IDE who will continue to develop the company in the coming years with his current management team.

IDE is one of the leading global players active in the development, production and supply of environmental disturbance control systems (vibration, acoustic and environmental stray fields) for the semiconductor and lithography industries. These systems are based on a number of patented intellectual property and software applications. Other business lines include a portfolio of precision motion controls and robots. IDE provides the semiconductor and lithography industries with the required controlled environment to operate their extreme high precision processes (nanotechnology). Next to these markets, IDE is active as supplier to the medical sector providing electromagnetic stray field controls for MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan machines. With locations in Frankfurt, Boston and Tokyo, IDE employs 160 people and generates an annual revenue of circa EUR 32 million.

The acquisition of IDE fits very well within the strategy of Industrial Services that is aimed at developing unique engineering and production technologies for the production of complex customer specific components. The acquisition strengthens Aalberts Industries’ market position as a strategic supplier to the semiconductor and lithography industries by enhancing its capabilities to develop unique manufacturing services to total solutions based on intellectual property development and comprehensive end-product offerings.

The acquisition will be definitively effected as soon as all formalities have been finalised and is expected to be consolidated as of January 1st, 2008 and will directly contribute to the growth of the profit per share. The acquisition will be financed from own resources.

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