acquisition Accurate Brazing in America


  • acquisition Accurate Brazing Corporation (USA)
  • specialised in high-grade vacuum soldering technologies
  • annual revenue approximately EUR 5 million

Aalberts to acquire US-based Accurate Brazing

Aalberts Industries, active in Flow Control and Industrial Services, has reached an agreement with the shareholders of Accurate Brazing Corporation concerning its acquisition of 100% of the shares in the US company.

Accurate Brazing is a heat treatment company specialising in applications using high-grade vacuum soldering technologies in the semi-conductor, turbine and aerospace industries. The company conducts its operations from two service centres (Goffstown, New Hampshire and Greenville, South Carolina). Its customers include General Electric (turbine industry). Accurate Brazing has an annual turnover of more than USD 5 million.

Aalberts Industries is already active in the United States with supplementary coating and heat treatment activities through Ionic Technologies, which is also based in Greenville, South Carolina. The acquisition of Accurate Brazing ties in with the strategy of Aalberts Industries to gradually extend its network of service centres for heat and surface treatments, most of which is centred in Europe, to the US by means of strategic takeovers of small and medium-sized specialist firms offering high-grade heat treatment technologies.

The results of Accurate Brazing will be consolidated as of 1 July 2005 and will directly contribute to the profit growth of Aalberts Industries. The company will finance the transaction from its own resources.

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