state-of-the-art sustainable furnaces


  • Aalberts invested in two state-of-the-art furnaces, more sustainable and efficient than gas-powered furnaces
  • enhancing energy efficiency and ensuring responsible consumption and production as reflected in SDG12
  • setting us apart from competitors and enabling to tap into new opportunities in a range of end markets

Aalberts surface technologies in Venlo, the Netherlands, has invested in two state-of-the-art multifunctional furnaces that are electrically powered, enabling them to provide customers with a full range of specialised processes that are more sustainable, more efficient, and more versatile than gas-powered furnaces. Running on renewable energy, these furnaces enhance energy efficiency and ensure responsible consumption and production as reflected in SDG12.

“customers are focused on the sustainability and efficiency of processes along their supply chain, and the furnaces tick all of those boxes”

next generation
“We've invested in two new furnaces to take advantage of growing customer demand,” explains Dwayne Seinen, area sales manager at Aalberts surface technologies. “In particular, we're seeing growing demand for nitriding processes in particular, which is a form of surface hardening of steel at lower temperatures than conventional case hardening. This means that dimensional changes and stresses in the material are much lower. And we're seeing this demand from a number of different end markets. At the same time, customers are increasingly focused on the sustainability and efficiency of processes along their supply chain, and the furnaces we have invested in tick all of those boxes. For example, they run on renewably sourced electricity, rather than gas. This results in a reduced carbon footprint and NOx deposition. The residual heat they produce is used to heat the facility, while the furnaces contain a turbo-cooler that improves efficiency and reduces usage time.”

key advantages
Another benefit is the combination of our hybrid cleaner, which leads to even greater product quality. “We installed a hybrid cleaner, which enables us to wash and degrease the products with water-soluble agents as well as solvent based agents, leading to an even cleaner product, which is a key benefit to customers,” Dwayne says. “And cleaner products also improve the lifetime of the furnaces and quality consistency, which cuts costs and increases the time the furnaces can be online. Looking ahead, we believe these furnaces will help continue to set us apart from our competitors, enabling us to reach customers from a wide range of end markets.”

Dwayne Seinen
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Dwayne Seinen
area sales manager at Aalberts surface technologies Venlo
Aalberts surface technologies Venlo

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