MIFA targets sustainable expansion


  • MIFA is investing in energy-efficient manufacturing facilities in the Netherlands
  • this will enable the company to create the most efficient flow in production
  • moreover it will reduce our environmental footprint and help lower our customers' Scope 3 emissions

MIFA, expert in the precision extrusion of aluminium profiles, is investing in advanced, energy-efficient manufacturing facilities at its location in Venlo, the Netherlands. The new plant will enable the company to expand its surface treatment activities and provide customers with complete precision extrusion and surface treatment solutions that are even more sustainable.

“this is a major step forward in terms of operational excellence and flow”

sustainable growth
 We are investing in a new building at our current location in the Netherlands, which will enable us to take a major step forward in terms of operational excellence and flow,” says Rob van Oene, managing director MIFA. “The new facility will host production processes that include an all-new surface treatment plant, which will help us reduce our environmental footprint. We will decrease the amount of gas we use, for example through the installation of heat pumps, helping us cut our carbon emissions. We are also looking into re-using heat, created in various processes in other production areas, which increases our energy efficiency."

customer satisfaction
While the investment is part of a longer term logistic plan that will result in the most efficient production flow possible, this is strongly tied to the changing needs of customers. “We see that in our three main market areas – industry, aerospace and mobility – there is always room for expansion,” Rob explains. “We add value by machining and adding surface treatment for our customers in aluminium components, and because we operate all the various technologies under one roof, we can supply customers with fully finished products, which is a huge advantage. Customers are increasingly looking to minimise the number of suppliers they have, helping them reduce their environmental footprint and be more sustainable. Being able to offer a full customer solution that is as sustainable as possible is a definite benefit in this area as we continue to grow and develop."

Rob van Oene
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Rob van Oene
managing director at MIFA

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