contributing to tomorrow’s train travel


  • Mifa is producing over 8,000 profile kits to Dutch Railways (NS)
  • The project is part of a refurbishment programme to extend the lifespan of the operator’s double-decker carriages
  • Mifa was chosen because of their ability to execute complex and time-critical assignments
Mifa is producing over 8,000 custom-engineered floor profiles for Dutch Railways (NS) to extend the lifetime of their double-decker carriages, which act as the backbone of the country’s intercity train services. Rick Gellen, area sales manager Benelux, explains why this perfectly fits Mifa and the significance of contributing to rail travel as a vital part of the Dutch transport infrastructure.

“We were chosen because of our ability to deal with a project of this size and complexity”

new lease of life
“The NS is refurbishing 242 double-decker carriages, to extend the useful life of the carriages for years to come. Mifa was selected to engineer the floor profiles because of our ability to deal with a project of this size and complexity. The requirement was to ensure that the many different parts that go to make up the floor profiles were ready on time, and can be packed in a kit that is being delivered to the NS. Our experience producing mission-critical solutions means we are now in the process of manufacturing and delivering 8,350 for floor profiles. This is no small task, as we need to extrude, machine-process, bend, engrave, and apply surface coatings to these profiles in-house. For big projects with loads of potential, we have a slightly different approach. Kevin Delissen is appointed as dedicated project leader for this project, to make sure all runs smoothly.”

sustainable travel
With Aalberts’ ongoing focus on driving sustainable transportation, this project is another important opportunity to contribute to what is one of the most sustainable forms of travel. "Train travel is booming and is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel," Rick says. "And its popularity is not only increasing in the Netherlands but right across Europe. We believe this project may lead to more opportunities around train refurbishment programmes. In addition, aluminium, which we are using as the principal material in the floor profiles, is recyclable and can be melted down and reused once these trains reach the end of their life. So this is a very positive case.”
Rick Gellen
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Rick Gellen
area sales manager Benelux at Mifa aluminium
Mifa aluminium

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