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  • Aalberts dispense technologies united to share their expertise from the drink dispenser market to develop dependable and sustainable sanitisers
  • the DSI and Vin Service team came up with a foot-powered and touch free dispenser with both a capacity for up to 13,000 doses

With demand for reliable, professionally-made hand sanitisers growing sharply since the COVID-19 outbreak, two companies from Aalberts dispense technologies united to take on this challenge by sharing their expertise from the drink dispensers market. Thinking good is never good enough, they developed much-needed dependable and sustainable products.

high-capacity power-free
As shopping centres and sports venues across Europe have slowly started to open their doors again, they share one goal: to ensure customer safety. High on their priority list is providing effective hand sanitation, which is a challenge when delivering for hundreds or even thousands of people. “Over the last few months we have seen many badly executed sanitisers, which were poorly built and unsustainable,” says Björn Hoffmann, managing director at DSI. “Our main business involves working with brewers, where we deal with large containers and kegs. We have adapted, and now use our expertise to create hand sanitiser units. We realised that using our expertise, and by cooperating with Vin Service, we could create a dispenser that was really robust: weather proof, sustainable, and which could be used hundreds or thousands of times.”

The DSI team came up with a foot-powered dispenser that holds 20 litres of sanistiser, which is enough for up to 13,000 doses. Because it doesn't require power or batteries, it can be placed wherever it's needed. And it always works. “We produced a hand sanitiser for any location. At football matches, outside sports venues or at the entrance to shopping malls,” Björn says. 

“being part of the same family and our complementary skill sets enabled us to help each other create extremely strong products”

high capacity touch-free
Vin Service has over 40 years’ experience dispensing beer and soft drinks. As the coronavirus pandemic took hold, they began discussing how they could use their skills to create a specialised sanitiser dispenser. “We are experts in moving liquid through containers,” says managing director, Giulio Guadalupi. “And after the start of the crisis, when our main business dried up, we started to play around with the idea. Then we began to work with DSI on R&D. They have a lot of knowledge on sensors, but we have a lot of familiarity with cost-containment and design. And we were also helped by Ventrex, which supplied an air pump for the system. Being part of the same family enabled us to start talking with DSI and Ventrex easily, and our complementary skill sets enabled us to help each other create extremely strong products.”

Although very similar to the foot-powered dispenser, Vin Service produced a touch-free dispenser. Its hands-free operation makes it simple to use, while its plug and play installation ensures that it is up and running straightaway. “While we also have capacity for up to 13,000 doses, our dispenser is targeted at locations where there is power or the possibility to use batteries,” Giulio says. “But it is also designed to be extremely robust and dependable. So far, customers have been positive, and we expect a solid performance in 2020 and have high expectations for 2021.”

Innovation and cooperation go hand in hand at Aalberts, and we are proud to see such strong progress in such a vital area.

Giulio Guadalupi
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Giulio Guadalupi
managing director at Disptek

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