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  • Aalberts dispense technologies is driving sustainable and connected technologies that enhance clients' businesses
  • the company updated customers on latest developments and ideas during an online global roundtable event
  • by innovating across their product range, the company can offer a new experience for bar owners and consumers, ensuring that the bar of the future remains adaptive and customizable

Aalberts dispense technologies is driving sustainable and connected technologies that enhance clients' businesses as they shape the future of the bar experience. The company recently updated customers on a number of trailblazing developments during an online global roundtable event.

Aalberts fluid control has organised this roundtable event to connect with our key customers and update them on recent developments. With three Aalberts key speakers, each with their own expertise, we discussed sustainability, digitalisation and connectivity and also asked an external speaker to think along with us on what the digital future might hold. As the specialists in beverage dispense products, at Aalberts dispense technologies we provide customers with a range of innovative solutions that are developed to be sustainable. For example, we continuously search for alternative materials and light-weighting the constructions across our product range, while investigating the reusability of our products. This helps us offer re-manufacturing and reverse supply chain options. And we are also concentrating on reducing packaging at all stages of the production process, which both reduces material use and helps cut transport requirements.

connecting tomorrow
But sustainability is only one part of the company’s focus. Aalberts dispense technologies is also using technology to help bar owners and operators redefine what the bar experience will look like going forward, as the world adapts to a fast-changing environment. We are innovating across our product range to offer a new experience for bar owners and consumers, so that no matter what the bar of the future looks like, it will be adaptive and customizable. Connection is vital. But our goal is to connect without the complexity. We want to produce a full suite of products that can integrate data so that we can analyse the quality of the product in real time. For example, our artificial intelligence (AI) tap can measure the temperature of the beer being served and thus provide valuable information on the correct functioning of the entire system. We have also developed an AI smart coupler and an AI smart regulator, to measure the amount of beer being used, messaging the bar owner as the volume decreases or even ordering a new keg automatically. Together, these innovations will help us provide more value for less, ensuring our customers are fit for the future.

Lisanne Zwinkels
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Lisanne Zwinkels
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