finding new ways to connect to customers


  • Aalberts hydronic flow control has created a virtual innovation show to connect with customers
  • the show enables customers to gain insights into the company’s latest product developments
  • for Aalberts hydronic flow control, it’s an ideal opportunity to showcase how they’re innovating for the future
Aalberts hydronic flow control is showing ingenuity in connecting with its customers, to present their latest innovations. This week the company is hosting a series of online innovation shows for customers - broadcast in the morning, afternoon and evening - showcasing its latest products and inventions, and holding live Q&A sessions.

“It’s a great way to demonstrate our cutting-edge solutions while listening to customer feedback”

new reality
“It is currently impossible to gather a large number of customers together in one place,” says Guido Lankhorst, digital marketing director at Aalberts hydronic flow control. “While trade shows and company visits have been cancelled for the foreseeable future, it is still vital that we are able to present our cutting-edge developments to customers and interact with them, so we decided to get creative and take events into our own hands. The result is a one-hour innovation show, which lets us engage with unlimited numbers of customers and learn from their questions in a virtual setting. It’s a great way to demonstrate our newest solutions while listening to customer feedback.”

perfect forum
The format can be viewed as the perfect forum for both customers and Aalberts hydronic flow control, as it packs a great deal of information into a relatively short time frame. “We deliberately scheduled morning, afternoon and evening shows so that customers could find a time that suited their own agenda,” Guido says. “And we have kept the show to under an hour, with presentations covering topics from digitising to products that are cheaper, safer and quicker and contribute to eco-friendly buildings. This means we can present to a broad range of customers, from the installer to the wholesaler, who get a glimpse of tomorrow’s technologies and solutions. And with virtual customer connection likely to become ever-more common, we believe that it’s critical to make strong progress in this area now.”

take ownership
You can experience the great dynamics yourself by attending tomorrow's session, 20 May 2021 from 08:30-09:30 CEST (in Dutch)

Guido Lankhorst
any questions?
Guido Lankhorst
digital marketing director at Aalberts hydronic flow control
Aalberts hydronic flow control

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