attracting young talent


  • Aalberts invests in the people of tomorrow by working with educational institutions and to welcome students to product locations
  • the younger generations will ultimately be responsible for developing tomorrow’s technologies
Our focus at Aalberts is on solving customers' challenges. Achieving this takes people who are inquisitive and determined in their pursuit of excellence. People who never quit and always want to improve. As we look to the future, how do we ensure we attract the young talent we need to succeed?

creating the right partnerships
One way is to work with educational institutions, which gives us the opportunity to share with students the unique ways in which we solve problems and create solutions. A great example is VTI in Germany, part of Aalberts fluid control, currently partnering with University of Applied Sciences Südwestfalen, encouraging students to consider IoT, digitalisation or Industry 4.0, and how they can make a difference. The students presented their initial ideas last month.

Another example is MIFA, part of Aalberts specialised manufacturing.
MIFA recently welcomed students from Brigham Young University in the USA, providing them with a glimpse into what goes on inside a thriving business. 

developing for the future

There are a few reasons why working with educational establishments is important. First, we live in a fast-changing world, including in terms of technological innovation. So it is essential we remain in touch with the younger generations, who will ultimately be responsible for developing tomorrow’s technologies. Second, we are going to have a real challenge in the future finding the right people. This is partially because of the aging population across society, which also means that retiring staff members are taking their skills with them, while fewer young people are coming into the industry. This is often because they don’t know that interesting jobs within the technical sector are available. So we want to connect with universities and be present at career fairs, illustrating what we do and offer at Aalberts: the opportunity to make a difference in ground-breaking industries.

We know that focusing on our people enables us to improve the world of today, while inventing it for tomorrow.
Lisanne Zwinkels
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Lisanne Zwinkels
communications manager

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