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  • Aalberts is proud sponsor of Solar Team Eindhoven, sharing their sustainable transportation vision and entrepreneurial and innovative spirit
  • besides financial backing also providing the team with 3D printing, turning and milling, and coating expertise
In a world where the amount of cars and access to cheap flights continues to grow, mobility is frequently seen as one of the major sustainability challenges.
With this in mind, a group of innovative students from the Eindhoven University of Technology decided it was time to harness the sun's power and construct a solar family car, creating Solar Team Eindhoven.
Team 2019 unveiled Stella Era, the fourth and latest version of their solar powered family car. The car really marks the dawn of a new era since the Stella is not an energy consumer but an energy source and a charging station on wheels. It can even charge itself and it autonomously chases the sun!
The highlight for each team is the annual Brigestone World Solar Challenge, which was in Australia. The team experienced a few set-backs, like the car being damaged during transportation and several technical issues, but hey have been relentless in getting to the finish-line.The team became world champion in the Cruiser and Challenger Class. A great result of which Aalberts is a proud sponsor.

Anne-Lize van Dusseldorp, director sustainability & relations at Aalberts, explains our motivation and what we can offer.

Why sponsor Solar Team Eindhoven?
 “We have a sustainability vision within Aalberts. We engineer mission-critical technologies, and through these we want to have an impact on four key areas: sustainable transportation, eco-friendly buildings, the lifetime extension of materials, and clean water and sanitation. Solar Team Eindhoven is a great fit with our company, sharing many of our values. First, they want to make a global impact within sustainable transportation, as we do. Second, they are entrepreneurial, as we are. Third, even when they succeed, they keep innovating and looking for ways to improve. That attitude really resonates with our 'good is never good enough' attitude."
“even when they succeed, they keep innovating and looking for ways to improve. That attitude really resonates with our 'good is never good enough' attitude”
One aspect of our sponsorship is technical assistance. Why is this an important aspect?
“Team 2019 visited us and it was clear there are many areas where our technologies could benefit them. For example, we are looking at providing help with 3D printing, turning and milling, and coating expertise. They also really liked our approach: fast decision making, the autonomy of our business teams, and our entrepreneurialism. This gives us both a great deal of confidence, and we are thrilled to be sponsoring these smart and motivated students.”
Anne-Lize van Dusseldorp
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Anne-Lize van Dusseldorp
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