acquisition GSA / GARNIER group in France


  • acquisition GSA / GARNIER group (France)
  • specialised in high power deep drawing of complex metal parts
  • 73 employees, annual revenue approximately EUR 12 million

Aalberts strengthens market position in France

Aalberts Industries N.V., which operates in the fields of Industrial Services and Flow Control, announces that it has acquired the French GSA / GARNIER group, specialised in high power deep drawing of complex metal parts. The acquired activities will be integrated into the French Metalis Group, having operations in France and Poland.

The Metalis Group is one of the leading French industrial companies specialised in the production of complex customer specific products through high grade metal stamping, forming and deep drawing. Metalis provides products and services to a broad range of markets to include the automotive, electrical engineering, electronics, telephony and nuclear industry. The acquired activities provide a strategic enhancement to Metalis’ technology portfolio and strengthen its market position in the automotive supplier industry. With 73 employees the acquired activities will realise an annual turnover of approximately EUR 12 million.

The acquisition will be consolidated as of 1 April 2007 and will directly contribute to the growth of the earnings per share. The acquisition will be financed from own resources.

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