brazing expertise for fuel cell


  • Aalberts surface technologies is providing vacuum brazing for highly efficient fuel cell
  • being part of the Aalberts family, being future-proof and being located close to the client has helped attracting the client

Aalberts is currently involved in an innovative and sustainable initiative which generates electricity through a highly efficient fuel cell, providing vacuum brazing for the heat exchanger and gas-supply pipes of this highly efficient product called BlueGEN.

unequalled efficiency
BlueGEN has calculated an unequalled efficiency of up to 60 per cent for electricity generation. Furthermore, heat generated as a by-product boosts the total efficiency up to, and even beyond, 80 per cent. The source of energy of the fuel cell is natural gas, biomethane or hydrogen and typical users include small businesses, public buildings and centrally heated housing projects.

The technology for BlueGEN was developed by SolidPower, which engaged Aalberts surface technologies as a key partner to industrialise its production. Vacuum brazing is ideally suited to this application because it facilitates multiple joints in a single furnace operation. Furthermore, from practical and cost-perspectives it results in very strong, clean and leak-proof joints.

“being part of the Aalberts family enables us to meet demanding requirements”
According to Plant Manager Steffen Schneiders, the company was selected for several reasons. "Obviously, being part of the Aalberts family, and thus able to upscale production when necessary, is a huge advantage in attracting a prestigious client. Furthermore, we are located close to the SolidPower facility in Germany and the services provided to the client are future-proof. Because it has stand-alone brazing furnaces in which the various components can be brazed, production continuity can be guaranteed under any eventuality.

fruitful partnership
Collaboration between SolidPower and Aalberts so far has been excellent, adds Schneiders. The project will run for several more years and he is looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership with them. “We are very proud to be able to meet demanding requirements and we hope to play an even bigger role in the supply chain in the future.”

Another great example of how our mission-critical technologies contribute to the eco-friendly building market.

Steffen Schneiders
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Steffen Schneiders
plant manager at Aalberts surface technologies
Aalberts surface technologies

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