acquisition PBC Dopheide GmbH in Germany


  • acquisition PBC Dopheide GmbH (Germany)
  • high-grade technical coating processes for automotive, electrical engineering and plastics industries
  • 130 employees, annual revenue approximately EUR 11 million

Aalberts Industries N.V., which is listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, has reached agreement with the shareholders of the German-based PBC Dopheide GmbH on the acquisition of the majority of the shares in the company. PBC Dopheide GmbH will retain its independence and will form part of AHC Group, within which Aalberts Industries has placed all its surface treatment activities.

With turnover of around EUR 11 million and a workforce of 130, PBC is one of the top European companies in the field of industrial coatings. In particular, PBC has developed into a specialist in high-grade technical coating processes for essential components in the automotive, electrical engineering and plastics industries. PBC’s unique technology is protected by several patents.

The acquisition of PBC has not only enlarged the network of AHC service centres, but also adds a number of complementary processes which can now also be offered in other centres in the network.

The acquisition fits in with the strategy of Aalberts Industries of building up a European network of materials treatment (surface and heat treatment) service centres for its Industrial Services activities. This network now comprises more than 40 surface and heat treatment centres in Europe and the USA.

The acquisition will be financed from Aalberts Industries’ own resources, and will contribute to the growth in earnings per share in 2001. The figures of PBC will be consolidated with effect from 1 January 2001.

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