innovative surface technologies solutions


  • Aalberts surface technologies produces first-class non-stick, anti-friction properties and high chemical resistance coatings
  • our outstanding coatings are highly adaptable, supporting the combination of a number of different properties
Companies and manufacturers want their production processes to run smoothly. It's that simple. And that's what Aalberts surface technologies helps their customers achieve, no matter which industry they are in, by providing innovative solutions to complex problems. 

friction-free solutions
One great example is their TempCoat® fluoropolymer coating, which deliver outstanding non-stick, anti-friction properties, and high chemical resistance. Many manufacturing processes that involve metal surfaces coming into contact with the product can only be resolved using special fluoropolymers, such as TempCoat®, which produces hydrophobic surfaces with very low surface tension. This effectively prevents the adhesion of a range of substances, such as adhesives, rubber, and plastic materials or foodstuffs. 
The non-stick effect is further increased by reducing the surface contact area through targeted modification of the surface structure with defined roughness profiles. Surfaces modified in this way are indispensable in a wide variety of industries and applications, including printing, baking, the chemical industry and even high-class frying pans. 
broad range of applications 
Fluoropolymer coatings like TempCoat® are highly adaptable, supporting the combination of a number of different properties. Both the use of special additives, such as graphite or molybdenum disulphide, and the multilayer structure including reinforcing layers, make it possible to adapt the layers specifically to the desired application. For example, multilayer, wear-resistant, non-stick systems improve demolding processes or the excellent dry lubrication properties of anti-friction systems protect sliding components from failure.
first-class help, across industries
Delivering vital innovation to ground-breaking industries is where Aalberts surface technologies is happiest. Whether it’s helping customers comply with strict food industry regulations or supplying high corrosion protection requirements to automobile manufacturers, Aalberts surface technologies is proud to produce first-class industrial coatings 
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