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sustainable transportation

Megatrends as climate change and natural resource scarcity further push the transition towards sustainable transportation. As Aalberts, we want to be where real change happens. Where big ideas come to life and the future is written.

While taking airplanes is being discouraged for environmental reasons, the aviation industry has committed to carbon-neutral growth starting from 2020. The automotive industry, with its ongoing innovations, demands increasingly better performance of engines and technical components. The vast majority of worldwide non-bulk cargo is still transported by container ships and new Sulphur legislation demands further fuel reduction as of 2020.

Aalberts surface technologies plays an essential role as the demand emerges for weight reduction, higher performance (endurance) and higher specification of materials. With additive manufacturing and extremely durable coatings and heat treatments, we improve the material characteristics for leading industrial customers in the automotive and aerospace industry.

As the world is changing rapidly and innovation cycles are reduced dramatically, the open and pragmatic Aalberts culture helps us exchange fresh thinking and embrace new technologies. It keeps us ahead of the game, no matter how frequently or significantly the game is disrupted.

strategy in action
unlocking mission-critical technologies to investors

Last week, investors experienced an exclusive look behind the scenes at cutting-edge Aalberts locations in the Frankfurt area.

ultimate stainless steel treatment

Aalberts surface technologies has developed a highly advanced process to harden the surface of (austenitic) stainless steel while maintaining corrosion resistance, which is being used by a growing number of customers in various industries to improve their operations and reduce costs.

going the extra mile leads to contract extension
on route to electrifying vehicles
acquisition Premier Thermal Solutions in America
Aalberts N.V. has reached a definitive agreement to acquire 100% of the shares of Premier Thermal Solutions LLC (PT), based in Lansing (Michigan, USA).
artificial intelligence

Aalberts surface technologies has invested in its first artificial intelligence project, improving pricing precision.

contributing to tomorrow’s train travel
Mifa is producing over 8,000 custom-engineered floor profiles for Dutch Railways (NS) to extend the lifetime of their double-decker carriages, which act as the backbone of the country’s intercity train services. 
stronger as one brand
Aalberts surface technologies is rebranding its sites around the world to the Aalberts look and feel to provide customers with an even stronger and more unified front
sponsoring hydrogen-powered racing car
We are proud to announce our latest participation with Forze Delft's hydrogen powered racing car, driving sustainable transportation together.
government invests in regional future
Hungary is ambitious in becoming a leading supplier for the automotive industry. Aalberts surface technologies in Tatabánya, Hungary, was awarded a grant by the Hungarian government to help realise this ambition.
sustainable transportation: embracing hydrogen
VENTREX launched a hydrogen service defueling port, enabling OEMs in the automotive industry to service and maintain hydrogen-powered vehicles.
HIP and brazing, ultimate products

Aalberts surface technologies provides key customers, at both regional and global levels, with improved material characteristics for products across a wide range of industries. One of the innovative treatment solutions we offer is hot isostatic pressing (HIP), a process that enables us to provide customers with flexibility when designing and shaping components. This is especially valuable in the aerospace and automotive sectors, where custom-designed products are frequently required.

surface treatment, from A-Z
At Aalberts surface technologies, we supply customers with an A-Z of treatments, from anodizing to zinc-flake coating, with a growing focus on green surface technologies. And we are able to do this for customers wherever and whenever needed.
next-level information security certification
Ventrex, part of Aalberts fluid control, was recently awarded a TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) certification. This certification covers the automotive industry and underwrites Ventrex' ability to provide customers with cutting-edge information security while remaining one step ahead of the competition.
surface treatment for rocket engine part
The space sector thrives on innovation and technological progress. In recent years, the industry's ambitions have grown to include reusable rockets, producing smaller satellites, and making launch costs more affordable. For technology-driven organisations like Aalberts, such a fast-changing, high-margin environment leads to a raft of new opportunities. One great recent example is providing crucial surface treatment on a rocket engine part.
moon landing technology
Making it to the Moon takes ingenuity, precision, and dedication. Which is precisely why Aalberts fluid control was commissioned to develop an electronic pressure regulator to be used in a customer’s unmanned Moon landing.
knowledge-sharing student-superbike
For the second year in a row, Aalberts played a key role in supporting Electric Superbike Twente, a student racing team from the University of Twente, enabling them to design and build an electric motorbike from scratch.
entrepreneurial spirit during COVID-19
At Aalberts we embrace ongoing uncertainty and disruption as an opportunity to differentiate and to show our unique strengths. We continue to support our customers and develop cutting-edge solutions. It's this entrepreneurial and can-do spirit that will help us emerge stronger from the current crisis.
48 volt systems transition for automotive
Autonomous driving, hybrid and fully electric engines, as well as a growing list of electrical features, are driving the demand for electric power in passenger cars.
recognition top aerospace companies
Quality and delivery standards that are classed by customers as 'excellent' is the ambition of many.
sponsor of winning solar car
In a world where the amount of cars and access to cheap flights continues to grow, mobility is frequently seen as one of the major sustainability challenges. With this in mind, a group of innovative students from the Eindhoven University of Technology decided it was time to harness the sun's power and construct a solar family car, creating Solar Team Eindhoven.
3D technology for aircraft value chain
Because every kilogram counts in an aircraft, manufacturers are always on the lookout for parts that are lighter, more economical and less expensive.
wind turbine industry innovations
Wind turbines. They are big, imposing and from a distance they look indestructible, with rotor blade diameters of up to 130 meters.
minimising environmental footprint of ships
Two major European ship owners with a total fleet of over 360 vessels contracted Aalberts to minimise the environmental footprint of their ships.
distinctive capability with precision extrusion technology
Aalberts has vigorously developed various technologies in recent years. A strong example is the precision extrusion technology.
coating blades for world's largest gas turbine
A three-year contract achieves an historic relation between Aalberts and the producer of world’s largest gas turbine.
integrated technology for electrical car gigafactory (Nevada)
When America’s most disruptive manufacturer of electrical vehicles announced it was building its gigafactory in Reno (Nevada), there was a scramble for position amongst contractors and their installation technology suppliers.
drive shafts for leading driveline manufacturer (Germany)
With decades of surface technologies experience, Aalberts has a strong focus on suppliers in the automotive industry.
acquisition AHC Group in Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy
acquisition PBC Dopheide GmbH in Germany
acquisition J:son Härd in Sweden
acquisition Sud Découpage in France
acquisition Accurate Brazing in America
acquisition Galvanotechnik Baum in Germany
acquisition VENTREX Automotive in Austria
acquisition PEM in France
acquisition VAF Instruments in the Netherlands
acquisition Roy Metal Finishing Company in America
acquisition Co-Planar in America and Mexico