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distinctive capability with precision extrusion technology

Aalberts has vigorously developed various technologies in recent years. A strong example is the precision extrusion technology.
Extrusion is the forming of an aluminum material by heating it until in soft condition, then pressing it through a matrix or die to produce profile lengths. Profiles are ubiquitous wherever you find movement; the machinery industry, the automotive industry, medical applications and the aviation industry are excellent examples. We are an industry leader when it comes to precision, complexity and material use. One of our significant accomplishments has been adding a number of complementary technologies to the core technology of extrusion. We can cut, machine or bend profiles, as well as surface technologies and assembly operations. Which means that we produce more than just profiles; we deliver client specific products.
In addition to our precision and custom work, aerospace companies clearly benefit from the fact that we offer various technologies under one roof. This is a major feature in the new trend towards ‘vertical integration’ within the supply chain: the desire to have as many parts of the production process taken care of by just one partner. We also recognise that clients possess less in-house knowledge these days and therefore increasingly rely on partners with an invaluable high level of knowledge.
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Lisanne Zwinkels
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