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coating blades for world's largest gas turbine

A three-year contract achieves an historic relation between Aalberts and the producer of world’s largest gas turbine. The highly efficient 9HA air cooled gas turbine has an enormous capacity to generate energy (up to 510 MW) and is huge: 22 metres long with a diameter of 6 metres.
To achieve this high level of efficiency (>61%), the blades inside the turbine need to be able to move at high speed of rotation with the utmost of precision. With a required lifecycle of thousands of hours – equivalent to a production period of some 10 years – this demands the maximum from the materials used. To ensure durability, Aalberts has partnered with this customer to coat over a hundred blades per turbine to protect them against abrasion.
The coating is sprayed on the blades with a technique called High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF). Although this technique is not new, we will make a major investment in machinery, robots and new filtration techniques in order to increase its capacity. And whilst very important, this investment was not the only reason for the customer to select Aalberts as their partner of choice.
Over the years, Aalberts has delivered high quality service and the presence of our customer’s site in Belfort (France) close to one of our plants in Pulversheim is a big advantage. In addition, the two companies have established strong personal relationships, resulting in a high level of trust.
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