new sustainable facility Denmark


  • Aalberts is constructing a sustainable production facility in Denmark to manufacture its latest sustainable valve range
  • aiming for Gold certification from the internationally recognised DNGB System once the building’s completed
  • this makes both our customers and us reduce the environmental footprint

Aalberts is constructing an advanced sustainable production facility in Denmark to manufacture its latest valve range, which has both greater material efficiency and requires less energy, water and chemicals to produce than comparable valves.

the right building
“We are delighted to be expanding our production capabilities in Assens, Denmark to manufacture our new innovative valve range, which will be sold as BROEN BALLOMAX® to district energy, natural gas, HVAC and the light industry,” says Mogens Laursen, CEO of BROEN. “The new valves will be produced in our state-of-the-art facility, which we are developing with the help of a consultancy firm to make it holistically sustainable. Essentially this means creating a building that is energy efficient and built to the latest sustainability standards, has been designed with cutting-edge facilities and interior and exterior space for our employees, and fits into the local environment. We have used the internationally recognised DGNB certification principles as our guide, and aim to achieve Gold certification once the building’s completed.”

“we are working towards our sustainability goals, while helping our customers reduce their environmental footprint”

resource efficiency
The new building is only one part of Aalberts' sustainability story. The valve range that will be manufactured there is also set to be unique. “Customers are increasingly looking for more sustainable products, and these valves are unique in terms of design and manufacturing technology and their strong sustainability credentials,” says Mogens. “They can be manufactured using less material than comparable valves, and use minimal amounts of energy, water and chemicals during the production process. This not only helps us achieve our own sustainability goals, but means our customers reduce their environmental footprint while having access to the latest valve technology. This truly is a win-win situation.”

Mogens Laursen
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Mogens Laursen

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