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  • Aalberts hydronic flow control attended the ISH, aimed to unveil the latest HVAC industry innovations
  • the booth focused on three pillars—building, climate, and excellence—offering hands-on experiences
  • Aalberts hydronic flow control highlighted their source to emitter solutions,' demonstrating excellence in heating and cooling solutions

The ISH 2023 event, spanning from March 13 to 17, aimed to unveil the latest HVAC industry innovations, featuring Aalberts hydronic flow control as an exhibitor. Three distinctive aspects defined the event's memorability.

Firstly, the exchange of global expertise was a prominent feature, with ten thought leaders delving into major trends like energy efficiency, the impact of the European Green Deal, and advancements in building connectivity. Attendees had the opportunity to request replays for these enlightening Excellence Sessions.

Secondly, Aalberts hydronic flow control's booth emerged as an experimental meeting place, centered around building, climate, and excellence. The booth provided immersive experiences for various building types, including commercial, large residential, and small residential. Interactive elements like installed walls, product assortments, a working bench, and a pipe-fitting challenge engaged visitors, offering a firsthand encounter with innovative solutions.

Lastly, the event effectively showcased the future with a comprehensive strategy. Aalberts hydronic flow control demonstrated its 'source to emitter solutions' approach at the booth, featuring modern Flamco and Comap logos. Maarten van de Veen, CEO of Aalberts hydronic flow control emphasised the significance of the event in presenting a diverse array of innovative solutions contributing to long-term climate protection targets and efficient resource utilization.

In essence, ISH 2023 served as an innovative gathering, uniting experts and installers in the HVAC industry. Aalberts hydronic flow control' s participation highlighted progressive solutions in compliance with regulations, offering support for hydronic installations from source to emitter. The event provided insights into cutting-edge technologies, promising reductions in energy consumption, improved water quality, decreased maintenance costs, and enhanced residential comfort.

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