hydrogen: test from the lab to the home


  • Aalberts hydronic flow control is participating in a ground-breaking pilot study to test the feasibility of using hydrogen in homes in place of natural gas
  • in 2019 the gas network products were certified to use for hydrogen

As a sustainable energy source, there is growing interest in using hydrogen to heat homes in place of natural gas. To help test the feasibility of such a switch, Aalberts hydronic flow control and Aalberts integrated piping systems are participating in a ground-breaking three-month pilot study in the Dutch city of Groningen.

proving technology
“We are delighted to be participating in this test project,” says Alexander Barendregt, project manager at Aalberts hydronic flow control. “It is the next step in the transition to a natural gas-free energy supply and there is great interest in this practical test both domestically and internationally. In 2019 we had a world-first when KIWA, a European institution for testing, inspection and certification, certified five of our gas network products for hydrogen use. We are now going to test whether these products work safely as a complete piping system.”

“we would like to further develop innovative hydrogen technology and make it available to every household”
energy revolution
The test will take place at EnTranCe, a centre of energy expertise, on the grounds of Hanze University Groningen, and involves one container with three boilers that are supplied with hydrogen from external tanks. The heating systems have the same pipe length, but a different indoor installation, enabling a wide variety of test data to be collected. “We mainly test the hydrogen transport for safety and pay attention to any issues that may arise, such as loss of pressure, leaks and noise pollution,” Alexander explains. “With the right products and safe transport, we would like to further develop innovative hydrogen technology and make it available to every household as a reliable replacement for natural gas.”

By collaborating with partners across industries, we are working to provide answers to some of those issues that most impact society.

Alexander Barendregt
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Alexander Barendregt
project manager at Aalberts hydronic flow control
Aalberts hydronic flow control

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