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Aalberts wins patent battle in UK

The British High Court has put Aalberts Industries N.V. in the right relating to an extractor tube, especially designed for the British beer market.

The patent battle arose in the UK in 1999 between the Danish company Micro Matic and Dispense Systems International (DSI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aalberts Industries. The Danish company began legal proceedings against Aalberts Industries, alleging that the new extractor tube launched by DSI infringed an existing patent.

The British High Court has now ruled that the patent is null and void and that Aalberts Industries is therefore free to begin production and sales of the product. For Aalberts Industries this constitutes an important recognition of its in-house technology and know-how. The ending of the patent battle is expected to prompt British customers to shed their caution and could lead to a strengthening of the market position in the years ahead.

As the losing party, the Danish company faces a substantial bill for costs. Aalberts Industries is currently taking advice in the possibility of bringing an action for damages.

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