state-of-the-art distribution centre


  • taking sustainability to a next level: new distribution centre for pipe, fitting and underfloor heating specialist Henco in Belgium
  • creating a distribution centre that is exceptionally energy efficient, as well as safer and better to work in
  • the building will serve as ‘living lab’ for underfloor heating
Recently work on Henco’s state-of-the-art distribution centre was completed and is currently in use. In building the new distribution centre, Henco has taken sustainability to a next level. Not only has sustainability been leading in the design and construction of the building, it’s what defines its everyday use.

sustainability at its core
For instance, a system to collect rainwater for use in the sanitary infrastructure and a heat pump is the eco-friendly solution for heating the building. Energy-efficient LED lights with motion detection mean lower energy use and similarly, energy efficient forklifts and reach trucks ensure a smaller footprint. As does the cleaning scrub-dry machine that only uses limited quantities of water and no detergents whatsoever.

“The ingenious use of shelves and flow racks has greatly improved working conditions”

‘The clever design of the distribution centre means that we’ve been able to do some really great things. Even with aspects such as surface areas and storage capacity. Thanks to some clever thinking we have achieved maximum storage capacity with a minimum surface area. And the great thing here is that the ingenious use of shelves and flow racks has not only boosted order picking and replenishment efficiency, but it has also greatly improved working conditions,’ Wim Verhoeven, managing director Henco proudly explains.

More than just our footprint
In fact, like Aalberts, Henco’s approach to sustainability goes beyond care for the environment alone, embracing enhanced safety, better working conditions and the creation of more job opportunities.

For instance, the distribution centre has safer road conditions now that here are no less than nine loading zones. And it has a positive influence on local employment: additional employees are reinforcing the workforce to even better serve customers the world over.

Wim says: ‘What makes this building stand out, is that together with KUL (Catholic University of Louvain) we have made it into a living lab. Aalberts is a knowledge-sharing company so we were particularly excited to partner with KUL and make it a permanent research project for underfloor heating. The KUL will be studying the most efficient usage of underfloor heating in combination with the heat pump. And, importantly, the objective is to measure and control energy consumption throughout the lifecycle of the building.'

At Aalberts we continually take steps to enable a clean, smart and responsible future.
Wim Verhoeven
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Wim Verhoeven
managing director Henco

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