eco-friendly pipe fittings


  • Aalberts is producing a range of sustainable composite water pipe connectors
  • the connectors require less energy to produce than metal pipes
  • they are also lead-free, safe, long lasting and can be fully recycled

Aalberts is accelerating its sustainability-focused innovation through the production of composite products to connect plastic drinking water pipes, thereby providing customers with safe, eco-friendly, and long-lasting solutions for all their water pipe connection needs.

“when we talk about sustainability, we really mean products that are environmentally friendly throughout their lifespan”

sustainable credentials
“When we talk about sustainability, we really mean products that are environmentally friendly during their lifespan,” says Kjetil Bang Hagen, director sales and marketing at Isiflo, Aalberts. “Our range of composite pipe fittings achieve this ambition. They are by definition lead-free and are 100% safe, leaching no contaminants into the water. They don't corrode, which is why their lifespan is estimated at an incredible 100 years or longer. They require less energy to be produced, as unlike metal fittings they don't need to be heated to very high temperatures, so their carbon footprint is smaller. And as well as containing up to 20% recycled materials, they can also be fully recycled.”

customer needs
With customers increasingly looking for the most sustainable solution available, products such as the Isiflo Sprint range provide a greener option to connect a variety of pipes in both plastic and metal. "Our customers obviously want safe, reliable products that don't leak and last for decades,” says Kjetil. “We engineered our composite products to offer that and more. For example, if water pipes need to be dug up and repaired, our composite connectors can be decoupled and re-used, or refitted with spare parts. And at the end of their useful lifespan, they can be fully recycled. Looking ahead, we are already thinking about how we can minimise or even eliminate the connectors' packaging, such as by printing a QR code directly on the fitting that contains usage instructions. This would enable us to save up to 500 km of plastic foil per year. Customers are looking for out of the box thinking, and that’s what we offer.”

Kjetil Bang Hagen
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Kjetil Bang Hagen
director sales and marketing at Isiflo

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