renovation leading to greater sustainability


  • Aalberts integrated piping systems helped make an office building undergoing a comprehensive renovation more sustainable
  • the company was responsible for providing a solution for the climate installation piping
  • this resulted in Aalberts and the installer choosing a solution that offered optimal efficiency
Aalberts integrated piping systems has given landmark office building the Avérotoren in the city of Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, a more sustainable future by providing the piping for the climate installation system, a key part of the building’s comprehensive renovation.

sustainable solutions

Built in 1991, the Avérotoren renovation will make the 77-metre-high, 18-storey building more sustainable and fit for the future. Aalberts integrated piping systems was  tasked with providing a solution for the climate installation piping, which involved delivering kilometres of piping for a completely new infrastructure. The customer selected the VSH XPress galvanized steel pressing system for all low-temperature heating and the VSH MultiPress for the drinking water and all sanitary areas, both of which are extremely complete piping systems that offer every imaginable fitting. This makes them quick to install, as well as being safe and extremely reliable.

customer satisfaction
For TBM Koot, which was responsible for replacing the entire installation, working with Aalberts integrated piping systems made for a dependable process. “The piping system could not have been more complete, and together with Aalberts we looked closely at optimal efficiency: where and how can you keep the number of fittings to a minimum? Take the VSH XPress FullFlow ball valve alone. You can easily connect it to the tube without any fittings or adapters. We have placed over 1000. This resulted in enormous savings in the number of fittings, which led to significant time savings, material and cost savings and also fewer transport movements, resulting in an even more sustainable process,” says Misja Koot, director-owner of TPM Koot.
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