gate valve innovation


  • ISIFLO launched its newest product, an innovative light-weight composite gate valve
  • the company had to find ingenious ways to launch the product and put together a digital campaign

With everyone having to adapt to business changes resulting from COVID-19, ISIFLO used an imaginative way to successfully launch their most recent product, an innovative new gate valve.

continuous development
While the company already offered brass gate valves, their newest product is made from a light-weight composite material, which offers a range of benefits. "This latest gate valve fits within our composite push-fittings range, meaning that it is 100% corrosion-free, it is lead-free, and it is easier to install,” says Lars Kristian Ølstad, CEO of ISIFLO. "We launched the product digitally in April. It had been under development for around 18 months, and we intended to introduce it to the market at an exhibition in Germany. Of course, recent occurrences made that impossible, so we began looking for other ways to let our customers know that it was ready to ship. We put together a digital campaign, and from the very beginning customers' response has been tremendous.”

“customers had been waiting for this development since we came out with composite fittings”

customer benefits
“Immediately after we introduced the digital campaign, we received interest from large customers, such as the main water companies across Norway, and very positive feedback from across Scandinavia. Customers had been waiting for this development since we came out with composite fittings - they wanted an integrated piping system that is corrosion-free with the strength of metal. And because it is an integrated fitting, the gate valve is extremely easy to use - basically plug and play - which reduces assembly risk and increases reliability. Our competitors’ products are all thread screwed, which makes them more prone to mistakes during fitting. Going forward, we aim to complete the portfolio with all dimensions up to Ø63mm during 2021, and ultimately offer a solution for both gas and hydrogen use.“

Using new ways to connect products and services with customers sparks interest and can lead to great responses.

Lars Kristian Ølstad
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Lars Kristian Ølstad

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