acquisition Van Roij Engineering in the Netherlands


  • acquisition Van Roij Engineering B.V. (the Netherlands)
  • specialised in engineering of steel fittings (ANBO brand)
  • annual revenue approximately NLG 13 million

Within the framework of its Flow Control Systems activities, the Amsterdam Stock Exchange listed company Aalberts Industries N.V. is seeking to expand its product range with the inclusion of a complete package of steel fittings. As part of this process, Aalberts Industries has acquired 100% of Van Roij Engineering B.V.’s shares.

Under the brand name ANBO, Van Roij Engineering has been selling steel fittings in the Netherlands for many years now and is the market leader in this sector. In recent years, ANBO has developed a new press fitting system for the international market. Moreover, ANBO develops and sells special fitting systems to OEM customers.

The ANBO organisation will be completely integrated into VSH fabrieken B.V. From its leading position in the European market, VSH is particularly well placed to be able to quickly increase the export of ANBO products. ANBO’s OEM activities will be combined with VSH’s activities in this area.

With healthy profit margins and a turnover of more than NLG 13 million, the takeover of the ANBO activities will make an immediate contribution to the company’s profit growth. The takeover is part of the strategy to expand the range of products and with it the market position of existing Aalberts Industries activities through targeted acquisitions.

Aalberts Industries will fund the share transaction with its own resources.

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