Aalberts announces new Chief Executive Officer


  • St├ęphane Simonetta nominated to become Chief Executive Officer
  • Supervisory Board grateful for tremendous contributions Wim Pelsma
  • appointment proposal will be put to shareholders for approval at EGM

Aalberts N.V. announces that its Supervisory Board nominates Stéphane Simonetta to become Chief Executive Officer.

As a member of the Group Management, Stéphane Simonetta currently is CEO Industry Division of Danish-based Grundfos, after joining the company in 2015 as the Group COO. He is a French citizen, graduated in industrial engineering and computer science, has a broad international experience and a background in the manufacturing industry.

Stéphane Simonetta started working for Thomson Multimedia in several supply chain roles in 1996 in Asia, North America and Europe. In 2005 he joined Valeo where his last position was Group China Supply Chain and Production System Director. In 2012 he moved to Swiss-based Honeywell Transportation Systems where he held various executive positions and ultimately became Vice President Global Operations.

Peter van Bommel, Chairman
“The Supervisory Board is pleased to nominate Stéphane Simonetta to lead Aalberts in its next growth phase. He has a wealth of experience as a business leader in global companies and working in the manufacturing industry.

We are grateful for the tremendous contributions of Wim Pelsma. Under his leadership, Aalberts has undergone a considerable transformation and realised sustainable profitable growth over many years. The company is in excellent shape and very well positioned for the future.”

The appointment proposal will be put to the shareholders for their approval at the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to be held on 7 September 2023. Subject to shareholder approval, Stéphane Simonetta will join the Management Board of Aalberts N.V. After approval, the Supervisory Board will appoint Stéphane Simonetta as Chief Executive Officer to take over responsibilities from Wim Pelsma, who will remain available as advisor until the end of 2023, to ensure a smooth transition.

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