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  • Aalberts integrated piping systems has introduced augmented reality (AR) to train colleagues and better solve operational issues
  • this is leading to a number of benefits, including better communication, improved guidance, and heightened problem solving
  • the technology will aid us in our production, maintenance and development environments
During Aalberts' latest share and learn session, Achmed Said, production leader Aalberts integrated piping systems, explained the technology of augmented reality (AR), its practical applications and benefits and shared their way forward.

“augmented reality is helping us optimise production processes and train new production employees”

pioneering know-how
Aalberts integrated piping systems has rolled out AR to better train colleagues and provide new solutions for remote guidance and problem solving. The technology has already helped the company in their production, maintenance and development environments. "We introduced the Microsoft HoloLens, which are mixed reality smart glasses, for a variety of reasons,” Achmed says. “One is to help us optimise production processes, for example through remote-assist troubleshooting or through training and onboarding of new operators. The HoloLens will also help us with maintenance activities, such as by aiding machinery inspections or remote maintenance. The 3D capabilities will support us in our product development. And finally, using augmented reality to train colleagues remotely while solving operational issues, is more sustainable since it means we travel less.”

real-world application
The power of the technology was on display when a colleague was recently unable to get into the office, Achmed explains. “We had a test planned on our bending machine, but the engineer due to lead the test, was required to quarantine at home. However, with his remote guidance and the use of the HoloLens, an inexperienced engineer was able to adjust the machine and successfully complete the test. The HoloLens is plug-and-play, so once the engineer was connected, he could see what he saw and guide him quickly and accurately. This is a very exciting development, and going forward we also aim to roll it out to suppliers, which will let suppliers work on improvements remotely. These types of benefits save time, costs and improve efficiency and fit our mission-critical character.”
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