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design-and-plan software systems


  • Adex is now using sophisticated simulation software to digitally test designs, saving energy and costs
  • Aalberts hydronic flow control is using software to help create efficiencies during installation and maintenance

Adex, part of Aalberts surface technologies and Aalberts hydronic flow control are using two distinct software systems to help their customers design and plan products or systems, enabling them to achieve more sustainable outcomes by saving energy and cutting costs.

simulation software
For over 40 years, Adex has been designing and manufacturing high-grade aluminium extrusion dies for customers in industrial niches and sustainable transportation. When do you know that a design is the right one? “That's the million-dollar question”, says Rob Sijben, sales & marketing director. “The designs we produce are based on initial information, proven designs and knowledge that we gathered in the 40 years that we are in the market. But the real test is not done at Adex. It is done at the customer. Such a process can involve multiple trips to the customer, before we have the confirmation that the design works."

“using this simulation software is more sustainable and cost-effective, a win-win”
Rob Sijben
sales & marketing director at Adex

This is not ideal, as it is energy intensive and inefficient. "To help overcome this, we are now using sophisticated simulation software to adjust a design", rob continues. "With this piece of software the design can digitally be tested and a real trial can be saved. We produce and analyse a detailed report to help us alter specific areas of the design to improve the end result, without impacting the die’s overall performance. In practice, the simulation software has led to designs that have saved customers up to 20% in materials. This is more sustainable, and more cost-effective. A win-win, which we are very proud of.”

fine-tuned heating systems
“We are also using specialised software that enables our customers in eco-friendly buildings to reduce energy and save costs,” says Henk Brasser, teamleader technical support and service at Aalberts hydronic flow control. "The software helps us create efficiencies during installation and maintenance by hydraulically optimising customers' heating and cooling systems. The tool can be used not only to design heating and cooling systems, but also to improve existing installations. Initial calculations show that customers can achieve energy savings up to 50%. This lowers costs and helps them in their ongoing drive to be more sustainable.”

At Aalberts, we continue to push boundaries in the technology and engineering arenas, to help our customers realise their own efficiency goals.

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