investing in the semicon future


  • Aalberts advanced mechatronics is investing heavily to support its semicon sector customers as they seize opportunities in an expanding market
  • this follows strong growth within the global semicon industry, driven by the demand for chips for a range of emerging technologies
  • Aalberts advanced mechatronics focus on quality and reliability means it is in a strong position to flourish

Aalberts advanced mechatronics is investing heavily in its people and manufacturing processes so that its semicon customers can seize opportunities as the industry enjoys extraordinary growth. 

unprecedented demand
The global semicon industry is experiencing a period of phenomenal expansion, driven by the growing demand for chips for a range of emerging technologies. Artificial intelligence, 5G, the Internet of Things and autonomous vehicles are all competing for the latest chips, and this means semicon companies need trusted partners that can deliver leading-edge, future-proof technologies and solutions. And that’s what Aalberts advanced mechatronics offers. As a longstanding partner to many principal players in the industry, they provide a range of specialised services, from vibration isolation to high purity fluid systems, for semicon efficiency. Aalberts advanced mechatronics is always looking for opportunities to expand our services.

essential cog in the wheel
With the industry predicted to grow significantly in the coming years, today more than ever the semicon sector needs trusted partners that can deliver on the stringent requirements needed to successfully manufacture chips. Entering this new phase, all locations within Aalberts advanced mechatronics will expand in capacity  The focus on quality is their number one priority, which leads to efficiency and reliability so that they can extend operations to meet customers' demands. Aalberts advanced mechatronics is currently investing heavily in their people, increasing the number of specialists they employ, increasing cleanroom and facilities' capacity, and manufacturing equipment with greater capacity to keep pace with growth requirements. Aalberts advanced mechatronics is looking forward to continuing to successfully enable our customers’ technology roadmaps as they enter a fascinating new innovation era.

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