acquisition Société de Galvanoplastie Industrielle (SGI) in France


  • acquisition Société de Galvanoplastie Industrielle (France)
  • French network for heat and surface treatments
  • 300 employees, annual revenue approximately EUR 20 million

In taking over the French company Société de Galvanoplastie Industrielle (SGI), Aalberts Industries N.V., with activities in the areas of Industrial Services and Flow Control, has added five new centres to its European network of service centres for heat and surface treatments. Three of the new centres are still in the startup phase.

SGI is a specialist surface treatment company with the aviation industry as its most important market. With a turnover of around eur 20 million and over 300 employees, SGI is the largest independent provider of surface treatments in the French market.

As well as anodising and painting of aluminium and titanium, SGI also does high-quality inspection work for its customers in the aviation and turbine industries.

SGI is one of the few companies in Europe able to treat very large components (up to 13.5 metres long). For example, SGI handles structural components for AIRBUS (the A380 etc.) and complete wings for current and new models of Dassault business jets. The company is also involved in other aspects of aviation, in particular the treatment of parts for aircraft engines (including GE/Snecma).

Special Teflon-like processes have been developed under licence for the automotive and electrical engineering industries, which has put SGI in a very useful market position that can be further expanded in the Aalberts Industries network. With its wide range of surface treatments, such as PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coatings, SGI is also active in a number of niche markets (including the medical and nuclear industries).

Over the past three years, SGI has added three new service centres to its two long?standing branches near Paris. These centres are still being developed and can expect to see accelerated growth as part of Aalberts Industries’ European network.

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