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  • Hester Leverstein is working student at Aalberts, putting her Master's in global business and sustainability at the Erasmus Rotterdam school of management in practice
  • the scientific theory is applicable to real business cases

"I am a working student at Aalberts, which means I support Aalberts’ sustainability team where necessary", says Hester Leverstein, working student Aalberts. "This could be in sustainability reporting, making presentations or doing research on current trends. At the same time, I am studying for a Master’s in Accounting and Financial Management and a Master’s in Global Business and Sustainability at the Erasmus Rotterdam School of Management."

“the Aalberts way and the shared values are among many characteristics that make it such a special experience to work here”

best of both worlds
"Combining work with study is beneficial, as I can apply almost everything I learn at university directly in the ‘real world’. The scientific theory that we study is often applicable to very real business cases. And when I am following a lecture, I am able to think of examples that I have come across at work. It works both ways."

growing and learning
"I am very lucky to be part of the Aalberts team. The Aalberts way and the company’s shared values are among many characteristics that make it such a special experience for a student to work at a listed company. For example, values such as ‘take ownership’ and ‘go for excellence’ are aspects that are not always encouraged at university. However, at Aalberts this is part of everyday business."

Hester Leverstein
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Hester Leverstein
work student Aalberts

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