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Aalberts starts industrial services in Poland

Aalberts starts industrial services in Poland

Aalberts Industries is set to start Industrial Products operations in Poland through its Polish subsidiary Metalis Polska. The start will be made with the acquisition of the assets of Le Grand Fael in the area of precision sheet metal stamping and metal processing. The new operations are based in the neighbourhood of Wroclaw in the south of Poland.

For a number of years now, Aalberts Industries has been active in the Polish market with its own production and sales organisations in the area of Flow Control and is market leader in its segments.

With the start of these new operations, Aalberts Industries is responding to a trend in which an increasing number of its large customers are transferring production to Eastern Europe. In order to be able to provide the right service to these customers also in future, a local presence close to the customer is necessary. To support the commencement of operations, long-term supply agreements have been concluded with a few of the larger customers.

In addition, the new operations will focus on the development of the local market in the south of Poland, where a growing number of industrial companies are basing themselves. The operations, modest in scope to begin with (turnover between eur 1 – eur 3 million), could grow substantially in the coming years. The expectation is that this would include the introduction of even more technologies, so that Aalberts Industries will also provide especially heat and surface treatments (Material Technology).

The new operations will have an immediate positive effect to the growth in earnings per share.

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