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acquisition MPT Metallbehandlung und Plasmatechnik in Germany


  • acquisition MPT Metallbehandlung und Plasmatechnik GmbH (Germany)
  • specialised in ion nitriding (thermal-chemical heat treatment process)
  • annual revenue approximately EUR 5 million

Aalberts Industries N.V., with activities in the field of Industrial Services and Flow Control Systems, has taken over MPT Metallbehandlung und Plasmatechnik GmbH. MPT has a turnover of around eur 5 million.

MPT is specialised in ion nitriding, a thermal-chemical heat treatment process which is suited to parts ranging in size from small to very large. MPT is the market leader in the field of ion nitriding. One of the main advantages of ion nitriding technology is the resulting improved wear resistance of the product. MPT is also specialised in heavy machinery (weighing up to 20,000 kg and dimensions up to 5 m).

MPT is mainly active in southern Germany. In addition the company also offers its know-how by selling complete installations. Such sales generally take place outside Europe. In this respect MPT has been involved in a joint venture in China for a number of years.

With this takeover the European network of Aalberts Industries will be reinforced by three new service centres, bringing the total number of service centres in Europe to 43. The addition of MPT will tighten the network in the important market in southern Germany, improving the level of service even further. MPT also contributes supplementary technology to the total package of Aalberts Industries. This technology will also become available to the client via the network in other parts of Europe.

The takeover will be financed from the company’s own resources. The figures of MPT will be included in the consolidation as of 1 January 2002. The takeover will contribute to a growth of the profit per share in 2002.

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