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acquisition Tratamar in Spain


  • acquisition Tratamar S.A. (Spain)
  • heat treatment center in Southern and Central Spain
  • annual revenue approximately NLG 2 million

Aalberts Industries N.V. is to take over the Madrid-based company Tratamar S.A.

Tratamar is active in heat treatment, which fits in perfectly with Industrial Services.

Although - with a turnover of around NLG 2 million - Tratamar’s operations are limited in scope, the take-over has considerable strategic importance. Tratamar is the last sizeable independent heat treatment center in Southern and Central Spain. The take-over marks a further reinforcement of Aalberts’ position as market leader in the South of Spain and in the major industrial area around Madrid.

Tratamar will come under the existing Spanish management.

The take-over is to be financed from the company’s own resources and will make a positive contribution to earnings per share.

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