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valves and fittings for Hong Kong railway station


  • Aalberts integrated piping systems was selected to provide valves and fittings for Hong Kong Railway station
  • the reason for selection was cost-effectiveness, less installation time in comparison to others and the products provide for a safe environment during installation
West Kowloon Railway Station is one of the major infrastructure projects in Hong Kong. It is the first terminus of the Hong Kong section of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link. (XRL) The station was formally opened on September 2018 and high speed trains started to operate from 23 September 2018. It is expected to serve more than 109,000 passengers a day and act as a connection that extends across China. 
Aalberts develops and produces connectors, metal and plastic pipes, valves, and fastening technology for the distribution and control of liquids and gases. For this specific project both valves and fittings were part of the inquiry of the customer. 

Our stainless steel system was selected to use in the plumbing system of the station with ranges from size 15mm to 54mm. The heat-free press-fit ensured a clean and efficient installation. It is cost-effective and saves installation time compared to traditional jointing methods. The press-fit system provides a safe environment during installation. 
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