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Annual reports

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Analyst presentations

Analyst presentation - Full year results 2012 Analyst presentation - Interim results 1H2012 Publication full year results 2012Analyst presentation - Full year results 2011Analyst presentation - Interim results 1H2011Analyst presentation - Full year results 2010 Analyst presentation - Interim results 1H2010Analyst presentation - Full year results 2009 Analyst presentation - Interim results 1H2009 Analyst presentation - Full Year 2008 Analyst presentation - Interim results 1H2008 Analyst presentation - Full Year 2007 Analyst presentation - Interim results 1H2007 Analyst presentation - Full Year 2006 Analyst presentation - Interim results 1H2006 Analyst presentation - Full Year 2005 Analyst presentation - Interim results 1H2005 Analyst presentation - Full Year 2004 Analyst presentation - Interim results 1H2004

Trading updates

Trading update 3rd quarter 2012Publication interim results 1H2012Trading update 1st quarter 2012Publication full year results 2011 Publication interim results 1H2011Publication full year results 2010 Publication interim results 1H2010Publication full year results 2009 Publication interim results 1H2009Publication full year results 2008 Publication interim results 1H2008 Publication full year results 2007 Publication interim results 1H2007 Publication full year results 2006 Publication interim results 1H2006 Publication full year results 2005 Publication interim results 1H2005 Publication full year results 2004 Publication interim results 1H2004 Publication full year results 2003 Publication interim results 1H2003 Publication full year results 2002 Publication interim results 1H2002 Publication full year results 2001 Publication interim results 1H2001 Publication full year results 2000 Publication interim results 1H2000