WP is a leading supplier of suspension, frame, oil and water coolers for the motorcycle and automotive industry. WP is 100% owned by Cross Industries AG who also owns KTM. WP's key challenge is to remain at the forefront of the technological developments and to engage suppliers that can evolve with them.

WP performance systems was looking for a reliable supplier in Europe. Japan supplied the major quantities of inner tubes, remaining parts came from Italy. The fluctuating Yen and the Tsunami in Japan, combined with a financially unstable supplier in Italy fuelled the need for a new supplier in Europe.

The Aalberts Industries technology offering and financial backing was crucial to the success of this case. The innovative approach of HFI to develop an automated production system capable of producing with less steps versus competitors and the development of Selga coating the parts (Green Chrome) in closed system by AHC was the motivation from WP to choose us.

Aalberts Industries supplies a combination of machining (HFI) and coating (AHC) for the inner tubes, where MIFA supplies the aluminium outer tubes. Aalberts Industries was capable of developing and financing these new processes from start to finish. The cooperation wihtin the network and the exchange of technologies puts Aalberts Industries in a unique position. The front forks we produce are used by KTM, BMW and Triumph.