Building Installations produces and sells complete piping systems and valves to regulate and distribute water and gas in heating, cooling, (potable) water, gas and sprinkler systems in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.
Our extended portfolio in metal and plastic -with all relevant connection techniques- is used for new build, renovation, repair and maintenance

Our systems are designed to offer installers faster, easier, safer and more qualitative mountings.

Strong partnerships with distributers and wholesalers enable us to offer a worldwide distribution network for installers and contractors.
We make use of strong sales organisations that combine local application expertise with powerfull technology brands. This setup enables benefits to be realised in market approach, customer service, logistics and distribution.

Our added value

  • Speed up installation
  • Guarantee system quality
  • Offer a total package and availability

Our footprint

We operate from 31 locations in 17 countries

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